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    Animal Crossing


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    Animal Crossing  Empty Animal Crossing

    Post by Elsa on July 19th 2013, 5:27 pm

    Da thread were all animul crisin is discusd!!!111!!!!!

    If you haven't heard or played Animal Crossing before, you should. Like, right now. Go to GameStop and buy New Leaf, the newest game in the series, or get it on the eShop. Srsly.

    If you want an idea of New Leaf, here it is: You're the mayor of a new town, having no idea of it, but not at first. You have to fill some requirements to do this. Once you are Mayor, you can do some things. First, there are ordinances. These are basically things where, once enacted, they sort of dictate how life is run. Such as: shops are open earlier/later, things sell for more, no weeds appear, etc. You also have public work projects, where you have donations (mostly made by you) to build something new for the town, such as benches, police stations, new buildings on Main Street (where most of the shops are), etc. There's a lot more in this game, and you should really play it to find more out.

    So, here you can just discuss what your town is like, what's recently happened in your game, and other stuff. I'll post mine later.

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    Cherry Coke
    Cherry Coke
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    Animal Crossing  Empty Re: Animal Crossing

    Post by Cherry Coke on July 19th 2013, 5:31 pm

    I can't get New Leaf, I don't have the money ;~;
    But from what I've seen, Animal Crossing is a very interesting series.
    ~Bricky approves~

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