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    Guess that Pokemon! [Week 12]

    super pokey
    super pokey

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    Guess that Pokemon! [Week 12] Empty Guess that Pokemon! [Week 12]

    Post by Pokey on February 19th 2014, 12:28 pm

    This will be a quick GTP so get your answers right now!

    How does it work?
    Basically, I or whoever the host is gives out hints every couple days or so depending if anyone got it and all users send their guesses to me by PM. And if anyone gets it right, they get PokeDollars, which can be used for many things!

    Here are the results for the previous weeks:

    Week 1 (SHINY GTP) - Jirachi
    Bonus GTP - Breloom
    Week 2 - Roserade
    Week 3 - Abomasnow
    Week 4 - Regular - Mawile
    Shiny GTP - Stantler
    Week 4.5 (Ultra hard most freaking difficult) - Dewott
    Week 5 - Swirlix
    Week 6 - Zapdos
    Week 7 - Phione
    Week 8 - Escavalier
    Week 9 (SHINY GTP) - Numel
    Week 10 - Drilbur
    Week 11 - Relicanth
    Week 12 - ???

    Basic Rules to follow

     -> You may guess only 3 times in this GTP.
     -> The ones who guess the Pokemon correctly will receive 500 PokeDollars (Shiny GTP is 1000 PokeDollars).
     -> PM your guesses to Pokey (Me). I will reply to see your guess is incorrect or correct.
     -> In the PM subject line, please put "GTP #12 or Guess that Pokemon: Week #12", that way I know what to look for.
     -> Cheating in GTP is truly unacceptable. Any cheat tactics such as but not limited to: making your own hints, revealing the actual answer of this week GTP, or any sort of discussion related between that relates to the answer of this week GTP. These posts will be deleted for spam and you will NOT receive PokeDollars if we caught you any sort of cheating. This includes the chatbox!
     -> For the Hints: The original post (the host of this week gtp) occasionally drop hints in the thread over the week, so be on the look out!
     Reminder the max number of hints in each GTP week thread is 2 (most likely) or 3 (less likely).
     -> The GTP Results will be posted by original poster (the host) only. That post also show the number of people who got it right. The PokeDollars will be disturbed after this week GTP is over.
     -> Have fun!

    Guess that Pokemon! Week 12:

    Guess that Pokemon! [Week 12] 72dtg

    The deadline to accept all of your guesses is Sunday, February 23th, 2014 at 8:30 EST or at 1:30 GMT -5 on February 17th. Results will be posted soon afterwards.

    Good luck to everyone, and have fun! If you don't want to waste your guesses, it would be wise to wait for the first hint!

    By the way, the first hint will be posted tomorrow! Good luck and have fun : )

    For those who can't see the image:

    AKA. PokeZone | Youtube | Twitter | MyAnimeList | Tumblr | Dot.
    Guess that Pokemon! [Week 12] Tumblr_mxmcyuEXGG1sj3j1ro2_500
    Guess that Pokemon! [Week 12] Tumblr_mq2b660OVY1rxlx0lo1_500
    Guess that Pokemon! [Week 12] Tumblr_mwoignIq5Q1r13fhoo2_500
    Guess that Pokemon! [Week 12] Tumblr_myj621dcMH1rby4vso1_500
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    Guess that Pokemon! [Week 12] Empty Re: Guess that Pokemon! [Week 12]

    Post by Admin on February 22nd 2014, 1:29 am

    Time to give out 2 Hints at one post!

    Hint #2: This Pokemon ties with another Pokemon with highest Special Defense base stats out of all Water Type Pokemon.

    Guess that Pokemon! [Week 12] 4EUKOw0

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