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    Fan-Fiction & Roleplays Rules


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    Fan-Fiction & Roleplays Rules Empty Fan-Fiction & Roleplays Rules

    Post by Admin on December 12th 2013, 1:23 am

    Hello folks. Thank you for time being for reading this important rules thread in Fan-Fictions and Roleplays section. So please, sit, relax, and read the rules of the section. Consequences may result a locked thread and moved to locked center.


    Fan-Fiction Rules

    1. Don't plagiarise. Don't post something that isn't yours and claim that it's yours. The size of what is stolen doesn't matter - a paragraph, a chapter, an entire fic - because stealing is stealing, and it will be punished harshly. If you see something that you believe has been plagiarised, please report to Battle Maison staff the offending thread/post and include evidence if possible.


    2. Only post your own work. This means you can't post what your sister/uncle/best friend/teacher/pet dog wrote. If one of those people wants to post a fic, they can do so themselves.


    3. Respect your readers and learn to take criticism well. If a reader provides criticism, don't take it to mean that your writing is bad, but learn from their comments and improve in your writing, as that's one of the reasons this section exists and probably one of the main reasons you posted your piece in the first place. Flaming/bashing/being rude to readers who give you a negative review will not be tolerated.

    For Readers:

    3a. Respect the authors. Don't bash or flame an author for any reason, even if you are upset that they killed off your favourite character or that they won't be able to update their fic for the next few months because they're being a good person and performing voluntary work in a third-world country. Be nice to the authors, because they have feelings as well.

    3b. Give constructive criticism. Try and give points from both sides - the good, and the bad. Say what you liked about the fic, or what the author did well, and also mention what you think could've worked better. In doing so, you show that you have read the fic and are giving the author valuable feedback which they can use to improve their writing. Also, don't just mention what didn't go well, but say why you think it didn't work, and suggest ways the author can improve. By the same merit, in praising an author, mention specific things that the author did well, and why you think that worked.


    4. You must post part of your story in the first post of the thread. This means you can't use the first post for author's notes, and say in the first post that you'll "post the story later"; just wait until you have some material to post before making a thread. You need to include either a prologue or the first chapter in your opening post.


    5. Don't post uncompleted work. Don't post half of a chapter and say that you'll post the rest later; if a chapter or one-shot or poem isn't complete, then there's no need to post it.


    6. You may double-post under certain circumstances. If you are posting a new chapter or providing an update (for example, an author putting a fic on hold), you're fine to do so, even if it would mean you're double-posting because nobody has posted between your replies. You may not, however, double-post without adding anything notable or just to get it to the top of the page for more readers.


    7. In the above cases, you may bump your thread, even if it's been more than three months since the last post. This includes the reader too.


    8. Make sure to warn readers at the beginning of the chapter if your story contains any swearing.


    All Fan-Fiction Rules Credits and referred to Swiftie.
    All credits and all rights goes to him/her. Not me.

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    Fan-Fiction & Roleplays Rules 4EUKOw0

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    Fan-Fiction & Roleplays Rules Empty Re: Fan-Fiction & Roleplays Rules

    Post by Admin on December 12th 2013, 1:58 am

    Roleplay Rules

    1. Respect all players, please to not spam or flame any members. Be respectful of everyone!

    2. Avoid posting in dead threads after 1 month! Check the dates of the last post in a thread before you post! This does not apply to fan-fictions.

    PLEASE NOTE: Roleplays dead after 1 month will be locked and moved to Locked Center. If you feel the roleplay needs to be revived, please contact the current moderators in this section (or any higher staff memebr) to move your roleplay and reopened to continue your roleplay adventure.

    3. Try to avoid creating an RP of similar story and plot to that of which already exists. Try to keep from posting another role play that’s extremely similar to another’s!

    4. Post only your own creations. Plagiarism is a big no-no on the forums and will get you into a lot of trouble. Instant lock and moved to locked center is consequences.

    5. Avoid chat speak. Using chat such as ‘r u l8?’ is very frowned upon within role plays, we like proper grammar and spelling!


    Remember to have fun! That’s what we’re here for, to have a good time!

    Any questions to Fan-Fiction or Roleplay rules? Please PM to me or any other Battle Maison staff members!

    Fan-Fiction & Roleplays Rules 4EUKOw0

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