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    Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2!

    Cherry Coke
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    Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2! Empty Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2!

    Post by Cherry Coke on December 11th 2013, 4:50 pm

    bringing this back
    Season 1:

    Lizzy was a silly little girl who rested in Canada. Lizzy's dream was to open a shop where she would sell pretty dresses. She worked as hard as she could to raise money, but never seemed to find a way to do it.

    As Lizzy's dreams started to confuse her, Lizzy left Canada for the Super Skarmory Forums, which were located somehwere in Pennsylvania, USA. Lizzy did not know these were there, but as she was walking along, she noticed them and decided to visit them.

    Lizzy loved it inside Super Skarmory Forums. There were so many friendly people who were looking for new friends. Even though in real life Lizzy did not have any friends at all, she thought she would fit in perfectly.


    Lizzy would continue to talk to others even though she was a little shy at times. But then, she met another girl who she instantly loved. Her name was Bree. Lizzy decided to disguise herself to be a male so she would be able to love Bree. Lizzy stayed together with Bree for months... until Lizzy made a huge mistake. She joked about Bree being in a relationship with a man named Amir. Bree crushed these jokes and left Lizzy behind.

    Lizzy then became a dumb and desperate little girl. She tried to form so many relationships with so many men and women that she lost track of her own popularity. Soon it was discovered that Lizzy was a girl, and that's when she realized that not too many liked her anymore. Lizzy tried to talk with others and hopefully form more relationships, but all of these attempts failed. A certain few people who had been talking to Lizzy the most got especially annoyed with her and cast her out of their lands for many months.

    However, desperate for love and attention, Lizzy came back for one last attempt to find love. She tried to marry a girl named PokeZone, but PokeZone declined and said she was going to marry a handsome man named Togekiss. This finally broke Lizzy's heart enough, and both PokeZone and Togekiss hated Lizzy very much.

    Lizzy ran away from PokeZone and Togekiss. She hid away for months. She cried and mourned for everything that went wrong without getting any pity. She finally walked back to Canada, with her head down and her heart broken.

    Soon after she returned, Lizzy tried to pair with Bree once more. Bree also declined her offer because she now knew that Lizzy was a female. Instead of marrying her, Bree drew her sword and killed her.

    And that was the end of Lizzy, the dumb little girl.


    Lizzy the Silly Little Girl - Part 2

    After Bree stabbed Lizzy, everyone thought she was dead. Even Lizzy thought that she had lost her life, but she had only lost her consciousness. They took her to a hospital and there her death was faked with a flatline. The doctors left the room and in a second Lizzy's body was stolen.

    The one who took Lizzy did not reveal his name or face, but mended her wounds and healed her broken bones with a spell or two. Lizzy's vision was a little blurred when she woke up, but she did see the image of a person healing her.

    A few minutes later Lizzy screamed in pain. Lizzy was afraid and tired and weak, and she could not even stand up. She tried to talk to the boy she saw but he was gone. She dragged her body across the ground and pulled herself up on a rock. Her body was pale, her clothes were dirty, and her hair was hideous. She did not know quite what was going on, but she had a faint memory of Bree stabbing her with some kind of sword.

    She sat on the rock, trying to stand up.

    "What the hell... is going on?" she asked herself. She could not talk much more, for she was too weak. Her mind was racing. She almost stood up accidentally in her confusion, but she collapsed instead. She lay on the ground, tired, cold, and confused. She dripped blood from her wound, which was covered up poorly.

    Lizzy lied on the ground for a few hours before she woke up. Her strength had returned to her, and she was finally able to stand up. She attempted to limp back to her home so she could finally start her shop, but she could not. She needed to hide from the people who hated her.

    She returned to a hospital in disguise and asked to be changed to a male. The doctors there thought she must have been pretty desperate to ask for this based on her condition, but they agreed to help her out of pity.

    ("Finally... some pity...") Lizzy thought.

    After the procedure was done, Lizzy was finally able to return to the people she knew. Lizzy got her name legally changed to Lux after becoming a male, and for any records of Lizzy to be burned, for she had the legal information of her old "persona", Lizzy.

    The actions were complete, and Lux returned to her home in Canada. He searched very hard to find Bree once more, but was unsuccessful. she mourned for the loss of her love Bree but nothing happened.

    Finally, Lux started a shop with the money she had left and started selling pretty dresses. These dresses, however, were very ugly and Lux quickly went out of business. In her agony, Lux split herself, one body being Lizzy and the other being Lux.

    Lux commited suicide and Lizzy was left to roam the Earth.


    Lizzy the silly little girl - Part 3
    (I'm gonna type this whole thing with my eyes closed. I'll edit later)

    Lizzy went back to the world after Lux commited suicide. She was cold, lost, afraid, and had no belongings anymore. She had no clothes, no job, no money. She clothed herself with materials she found, and people would laugh at that silly little girl who did not have appropriate clothes on.

    Not only did she lack clothes, but she was hideous and dirty. Her face was covered in dirt and blood from scraped and her hair was greasy and messy. She was constantly attacked while walking because she looked so helpless, only for people to discover that she had no money or belongings with her. Lizzy was a sad, sad, sad little girl, except this time, she was all alone. One last time Lizzy wanted to go back to SuperSkarmory forums to reunite with her friends that she thought she had. She went to the gates, but they closed them and locked them when Lizzy approached. Lizzy asked why, but received no answer.

    Lizzy also attempted to prove that she was Lizzy or "Lux", but both of these people's records were destroyed and Lizzy did not count as a legal citizen of the United States or Canada... in fact, at this point she wasn't counted as a born child. Lizzy held her head in her hands and cried every day for the rest of her miserable life. Nobody would feed her, nobody would feel pity for her, nobody would clothe her...

    Lizzy hid in boxes and basements. She lived off of scraps of food she stole and little animals she attempted to hunt. She was lifeless, until finally, a boy named Gabriel came along. He offered Lizzy food, clothing, and a home as long as she would prevent Gabriel from being lonely. This embarrased Lizzy, but she accepted this bad offer.


    Lizzy the silly little girl - Part 4

    Gabriel took Lizzy into his home and offered her dinner. Lizzy felt like being arrogant and saying no, but her lack of food had made her decide otherwise. Gabriel cooked Lizzy a microwave chicken nugget dinner, and Lizzy ate it quickly. Gabriel watched Lizzy eat, intently.

    After their little meal, Lizzy and Gabriel talked for a bit.

    "You know, Lizzy, you've been wonderful company!"

    "Gabriel... you've hardly spoken to me at all... You just stare at me."

    "I know, I'm sorry. You're just very interesting, and I recently got over a relationship."

    Lizzy blushed when Gabriel said this.

    "Gabriel, what the hell? I don't even know you enough to like you as a person! Why do you like me that way? I'm hideous and disgusting and dirty!"

    This made Gabriel a little unhappy. He started spouting nonsense but Lizzy tuned it out and walked away to the room that Gabriel had given to her. This room seemed like it was used often, which frightened Lizzy. She dozed off for a few hours until he door was opened. She pretended to be asleep but kept an eye open because Gabriel could not see this. Gabriel climbed in bed with Lizzy, and her heart raced. Gabriel sighed and fell asleep.

    Lizzy had no idea what to do. She did not know if this was Gabriel's room, or if he just went into her room, or if.. he was lost or something. Lizzy stayed in the bed for a minute until she finally decided to slowly and quietly get up. She inched her way towards the door and opened it very carefully. When she shut the door, she accidentally knocked over a plant in the dark. The noise woke another person in the house up.

    "Gabriel, what are you doing?" the voice said. Lizzy ran towards the front door of the house.

    "Nothing, mom!" Gabriel replied.

    "MOM?!" Lizzy yelled. Lizzy was apalled.

    "Wait... Lizzy.. where are you?" Gabriel called. Lizzy immediately closed the front door behind her.

    Lizzy paced along the road. She spent about 6 hours in that house. She was so embarrased, she refused to look at anyone the next day. She sat in a box and pulled petals off of a flower. Lizzy was still miserable, lonely, tired, lost, scared, weak, hungry, and dirty.


    Lizzy part 5 and stuff.

    Lizzy stayed away from people the next few days. Usually she would ask for food or money, but she was not in the mood to talk to anyone.

    The days passed, and Lizzy got more ill as each day went on. She almost died of illness, but she was taken to a hospital by a passerby that she was unable to recognize.

    Lizzy woke up in the hospital very afraid.

    "What's happening?" She asked. Lizzy recieved no answer. She felt very weak and tired, but she still tried to stand up, despite that. Finally, a doctor came in through a door to examine Lizzy. Lizzy failed almost every test, and her physical condition was horrible. Many doctors came and took Lizzy, who feel asleep soon after...

    Lizzy had fallen into a coma. Days passed, weeks passed.. she would not wake up. Lizzy had been asleep for almost 7 weeks, a machine keeping her alive. The doctors worked endlessly to keep her breathing and fed, while also working to keep her clean. After the seventh week had passed, Lizzy awoke.

    Lizzy couldn't speak. She couldn't do much of anything. She felt less ill, but still very tired and unhealthy. Lizzy saw many doctors around her, somewhat remembering them bringing her to the room she was in. The doctors cheered when Lizzy awoke, but Lizzy could not respond. She did not want to, and her body refused to let her do anything.

    The doctors left Lizzy alone for a while. She stayed in bed, her mind racing. She heard a knock on her door, and she became very senile.

    "Lizzy, I have a visitor for you! It's the man who took you here, Gabriel!"

    Lizzy's heart sank.

    "Gabriel? What are you doing here?" Lizzy yelled. The doctor jumped, not only because Lizzy yelled but because her voice sounded different. And indeed it did, it was more clear and deep.

    "Erm... Lizzy, do you not want Gabriel in here?"

    "I don't have much of a choice because he'll stalk me more anyways." Lizzy responded.

    The doctor left the room, and Gabriel wore a frown on his face. He was asto ished and upset, but tried as hard as he could to hide it.

    "Lizzy.. what's the matter?" Gabriel asked.

    "Nothing. I'm just tired and somewhat annoyed with you."

    "Oh..." Gabriel said, flatly. Lizzy did not respond to Gabriel this time, but Gabriel still stayed in the room, looking at Lizzy. Eventually he got bored and sat on Lizzy's hospital bed.

    "No... please, go away..." Lizzy said.

    "But Lizzy! I care about you! You mean a lot to me! I saved you while you were dying!"

    "Gabriel, you are a complete idiot. Please leave me alone."

    Gabriel left Lizzy, crying. Lizzy felt a slight amount of guilt because of this, and then she heard Gabriel's voice.

    "That girl in there, she attacked me!"

    Soon after that, Lizzy heard footsteps approach. Since there were no more doors past Lizzy's, she knew that they were coming towards her. Lizzy made a big mistake trying to get away. She stoop up from the hospital bed and opened her window.

    "It's okay to die... right?" Lizzy asked herself. She shed a tear. She questioned herself, and why she was about to jump from the top floor of a five story hospital.

    But then her door opened, and security gaurds had entered her room. With that, Lizzy jumped out of her window.
    Continuing the story in the next chapter.
    Cherry Coke
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    Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2! Empty Re: Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2!

    Post by Cherry Coke on December 11th 2013, 8:40 pm

    Lizzy the Silly Little Girl - Part 6

    Lizzy was trapped in what felt like a dream. Everything was dark, and Lizzy was surrounded by her peers - no, only the ones she didn't like. They all surrounded her, laughing and throwing stones at her. Lizzy felt alone yet again. This nightmare seemed to last for years.

    But one day, they finally ended. Lizzy was walking in her dream, and suddenly found a light. When she reached this light, she finally regained consciousness. She opened her eyes, and found herself surrounded by green.
    "Oh no.." she thought to herself, "Did I land in a bush? Hmm... I would be lucky to have survived that... if I wanted to." Lizzy climbed out of this green space which, indeed, was a bush. Lizzy felt abnormally dizzy when she stood up. She wondered how long she had been asleep for. Perhaps those dreams only seemed to last forever... Perhaps they were still going on.

    But, nonetheless, Lizzy left the hospital area and began to walk. She could easily tell that she was limping, and hunger struck her after about two minutes. Lizzy finally gave up and fell to her knees
    right at the end of the hospital parking lot. Lizzy somehow did not pass out again.

    Suddenly, a car pulled up to the driveway and a man stepped out. He picked Lizzy up and carried her into the backseat of his car. Lizzy could not make out a face from this man, but he seemed... awfully familiar. The car looked a bit like a Jetta, both outside and in. The seats in the back were very comfortable. The man drove off with Lizzy in the back seat. Lizzy felt like she had been sitting there for hours.

    The man finally arrived home, and proceeded to carry Lizzy into his house. The first room was a dining room - a pretty well cared for dining room, I might add; the next room was something like a living room. It was also in pretty good condition. The man lay Lizzy on one of his couches, and sat in a chair adjacent to the couch.

    "So, Lizzy Aeterna, former citizen of Super Skarmory Forums. Tell me what on Earth you are doing being wanted by the police?"

    Lizzy's heart sank. She finally saw who this man was. It was Amir himself. Lizzy had no idea how to respond. She was pretty bad at justifying herself, so she wouldn't be able to make Amir believe that what Gabriel had said was false.

    "Umm.. I don't know... Life just got too stressful. I'm surprised that I'm still alive... that I've been alive for this long..."

    Amir paused for a minute.

    "Lizzy, you disappeared for almost fifteen days. How the hell did you manage to escape?"

    Lizzy chuckled. "They didn't tell you I leaped out a window? There was a bush directly beneath it. I slept there... I-I had.. nightmares..." Lizzy's eyes began to water. She tried to cover it up, but did not do a very good job at it.

    "Now now, don't cry, Lizzy. You're not going to jail. I won't tell anyone you're here. However, you have to leave America. You can't stay here anymore. I can tell you now that you've probably run out of miracles; if you went to jail for attacking someone, you might not make it out of there again. The labor, the horrible conditions - those alone are enough to kill someone as weak as you are."

    Lizzy let out her tears. She did not want to go to jail, she just wanted everything to be normal again, and to pursue her dream of selling pretty dresses.

    "Alright, I'll leave. I don't really want to see anyone at Super Skarmory Forums again anyway." Lizzy tried to stand up but was too weak. Amir pulled out his gun.

    "You do realize that I, being a police officer, have every right to arrest you right now. If you can't walk, then crawl."

    Lizzy was very afraid of Amir now. She did as she was told and began to crawl out of the house. Amir burst out into laughter.

    "You honestly thought I was going to make you crawl all the way to CANADA??? What a laugh! Come on, I'll take you in my car."

    This made Lizzy a little angry. She began to dig in the grass and the dirt until there was a hole big enough for her face. She buried her face in the dirt, and Amir had to pull her out.

    "O-okay, that was a bad joke, I know. Here, I'll walk you over to the car."

    Lizzy and Amir got in the car and drove all the way to Maine without stopping for gas. However, soon after they got to Maine, Amir's Jetta broke down.

    "Damn! I've been meaning to get this stupid thing fixed. Oh well, Lizzy. If you want to go any further, you might as well take a train."

    "You bastard." said Lizzy "You let it break down on purpose. I saw the 'check engine' light flashing for almost half an hour!"

    "You're right, Lizzy. I'm sorry.. you just smell... really really bad."

    Lizzy cried again. She limped her way to the train station - a good fifteen feet away. She nearly had a stroke.

    Amir chuckled to himself, then drove off again.

    "What the hell? There was nothing wrong with the car at all! How the hell did he do that??"

    Lizzy had had enough. She decided to lay in the tracks for when the next train comes. But of course, another passerby noticed Lizzy and managed to grab her in time.

    "Who the hell are you? Let go of me!"

    "Pssst... Lizzy, it's me, Gabriel. We've got to go now.. apparently faking a wound in a hospital is illegal."


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    Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2! Empty Re: Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2!

    Post by Elsa on December 11th 2013, 9:15 pm

    beautiful as always 10/10

    Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2! 62OpE
    Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2! Tumblr_inline_myu0k5uDLN1r5mtzg

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    Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2! Empty Re: Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2!

    Post by LuXAeterna on December 12th 2013, 9:36 pm


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    Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2! Empty Re: Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2!

    Post by Admin on December 12th 2013, 9:39 pm

    Beautiful fan-fic.

    I don't have anything to criticize but keep it up!

    Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2! 4EUKOw0
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    Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2! Empty Re: Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2!

    Post by Cherry Coke on January 22nd 2014, 10:45 pm

    Lizzy the Silly Little Girl - Part 7

    Lizzy yelled for help, but there was no one around. Gabriel had grabbed onto her and was just about to jump onto the train. Lizzy ran out of breath and decided to spit on Gabriel instead, to try and escape from him. Gabriel took Lizzy's spit in one hand and rubbed it against his face.

    "This guy's gone mad." Lizzy thought to herself. "Or maybe he already was when he first found me."

    Gabriel's right foot left the ground, and then his left foot. Gabriel got both feet on the train, but lost grip of Lizzy to maintain his balance. Lizzy smacked her head on the side of the train car and became unconscious. Gabriel pulled her inside.

    Gabriel tried to undress Lizzy while she was out cold. However, there was nothing for Gabriel to see. She had been stuffing her bra with paper. Gabriel put Lizzy's shirt back on her and left her lying near the back of the train car.

    It took many hours for Lizzy to wake up. Narcissistic Lizzy immediately noticed that her bra had been loosened and some of the paper inside it had been removed. Lizzy's head hurt and she was very confused about the whole situation. She saw a boy that looked somewhat like Gabriel, but she just could not tell.  Her vision properly returned to her after a few minutes and she knew that this boy was definitely Gabriel, sitting at the doors of the train car with his head in his hands. Lizzy was just a little bit pissed off at Gabriel, but soon she also felt pity for him. She knew that Gabriel had saved her multiple times but Lizzy was too caught up in her self-consciousness to care.

    "Perhaps this boy is as lonely as I am. Perhaps he needs someone who will care for him." Being a lesbian, Lizzy had no idea why she accepted these thoughts. Perhaps gender did not matter for her.

    Lizzy limped over and sat next to Gabriel. They both looked straight ahead as the train went along the tracks. Lizzy reached for Gabriel's hand, but he pulled it away.

    "Stop. I don't want you to bother me." Gabriel said, silently.

    "Gabriel, please, listen to me. I care about you. I'm sorry that I never got a chance to tell you anything." Lizzy admitted. Her eyes filled with tears.

    Gabriel did not like Lizzy much anymore. She had constantly rejected him and now all of a sudden she came crawling back to him. "She must be pretty desperate." Gabriel thought. "But then again, so am I."

    The two silently stared out for many hours until it got dark. Lizzy decided to get up and go back to the end of the train car. Gabriel knew it would be dangerous to sleep at the door, and went to the other end.

    When the next morning came, the train had stopped. As Lizzy had woken up, Gabriel was ready to jump out of the train. She tried to stop him but she did not have the energy. Gabriel had escaped Lizzy and was lost in Canada.

    "I can't even get a chance with Gabriel. I'm such a loser." Lizzy thought.

    Memories slowly started to return to Lizzy. Bree, Super Skarmory Forums, Zach, tainers. Lizzy cried at the thought of them.

    Lizzy still continues to lead a miserable life. Will she ever be able to recover from her sadness?

    end of part 7
    Cherry Coke
    Cherry Coke
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    Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2! Empty Re: Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2!

    Post by Cherry Coke on February 13th 2014, 4:45 pm

    The train comes to a stop and Lizzy had regained her energy. Lizzy steps outside of the train car to meet a frowning Gabriel with a gun running towards her.

    "Gabe... what's going on? Where did you find that gun?"

    Gabriel stopped running, pointed the gun towards her, and shrugged.  He anticipated Lizzy to run and fired. In an instant, Lizzy had fallen to the ground.
    The bullet had hit Lizzy right between her shoulders. The hole was deep, deep enough to have killed any ordinary person. Lizzy was unconscious but surprisingly still breathing.

    Gabriel placed the gun next to Lizzy. He watched her bleed...

    Lizzy was horribly bleeding. She would probably die in another hour if no one helped her.

    Minutes passed, but Lizzy never regained consciousness. Gabriel decided to pick her up and carry her to a hospital. He knew that, no matter what he does, he will never get in trouble with anyone.

    Gabe got to a medical center very quickly and had the doctors take care of Lizzy. One doctor had asked Gabe in the waiting room: "Who shot this girl? Do you know?"

    Gabe shrugged and pulled a gun out of seemingly nowhere. Gasps filled the room as he held it towards the doctor.
    "It wasn't me." The doctor nodded and Gabe put his gun away. No one could really see where.

    Gabe walked out of the hospital short after, leaving Lizzy behind. He had hoped the two of them would cross paths again, although denying that many times.


    The doctors had worked on Lizzy for an hour and barely prevented her from bleeding out. Lizzy was hardly breathing, however, and they would have to keep her in the hospital for quite a while to keep her breathing normally. Lizzy had been shot in an area that would make it very hard for her to breathe.

    Three days passed before Lizzy woke up, and she mourned in pain for the rest of three months. The doctors just could not save Lizzy, and almost at the end of three months, Lizzy stopped breathing.

    Lizzy finally was dead. No one arranged a burial for her.

    end of part 8.

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    Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2! Empty Re: Lizzy, the Silly Little Girl: Season 2!

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