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    The Unfortunate Fate of Brick.


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    The Unfortunate Fate of Brick. Empty The Unfortunate Fate of Brick.

    Post by Headstrong on July 27th 2013, 10:05 pm

    Davis sucked too much and Brick died of laughter. The end.

    Once upon a time, there was a baby born. This baby was 50 pounds, and 4'7 at birth. This baby slowly grew up as a giant, and used Action Replays to make himself even taller.

    Eventually, this "Lewis" child, found a link to a forum called "Super Skarmory" he joined under the name "Bricktoag" so he could fit in with all of the Pokémon fans. Over time, Brick became more known to everyone, which made him happy.

    One day, Brick found a girl named "LuckyLapras"! He thought they were the perfect couple at first sight, and eventually, they got married. Being married to Lapras made no one like Brick, so they all un-friended him. Slowly, Lapras started to fade away from Brick's life. Brick became deeply saddened, and left the forums for a while.

    One day, while he was sitting at home, he found a mysterious yellowish, green bottle of Soda called "Mellow Yellow". He poured some into a glass, and tried the mysterious drink. Instantly, Brick was transformed. He decided to get back on the SS forums, but started anew as "Mellow Yellow". Everyone began to like him more, and Brick started to hang out with the Eurokiddies. He then began to start like "Fire Emblem" which helped him fit in. As time passed, Beick began to become depressed again as he soon realized all of his friends were getting paired, while he, still, was not.

    Brick realized there was no way to have Lapras back, so he sought love and refuge at a place called "Skype". There, he tried to seek love from everyone there, but only to be turned down every time. Brick even got so desperate, he began to ask friends that were already paired.

    One day, Brick found his true love, rootinabox. He continued to have a one-sided relationship with her for a few months, until he realized she was actually 43 years old. He then dumped her, resorting back to being a loner.

    After a few days of solitude, he joined a place called "Pokéglobal" and renamed himself to "Sprite Remix", seeking a other chance with a girl named Headstrong. She turned him down, even after he begged her to play along, and then she revealed that she was actually a boy.

    Some say that Sprite still remains on Slype and the forums, looking for love.

    Travelers, beware.

    The Unfortunate Fate of Brick. Bravely-default-review-1107073

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    The Unfortunate Fate of Brick. Empty Re: The Unfortunate Fate of Brick.

    Post by Elsa on July 27th 2013, 10:13 pm

    This place has very good fan fics. 10/10

    The Unfortunate Fate of Brick. 62OpE
    The Unfortunate Fate of Brick. Tumblr_inline_myu0k5uDLN1r5mtzg

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    The Unfortunate Fate of Brick. Empty Re: The Unfortunate Fate of Brick.

    Post by Admin on July 27th 2013, 10:26 pm


    We need more fan-fic like these.

    The Unfortunate Fate of Brick. 4EUKOw0
    Cherry Coke
    Cherry Coke
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    Archer Rank

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    The Unfortunate Fate of Brick. Empty Re: The Unfortunate Fate of Brick.

    Post by Cherry Coke on July 28th 2013, 11:15 am

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    The Unfortunate Fate of Brick. Empty Re: The Unfortunate Fate of Brick.

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