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    HOW IT WORKS: The PokeDollar Lottery [TEMP. CLOSED]


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    HOW IT WORKS: The PokeDollar Lottery [TEMP. CLOSED]

    Post by Admin on December 22nd 2013, 10:25 pm

    Feeling LUCKY? Then you came to the right place!

    For those of you who are new to the PokeMart, the PokeDollars Lottery is a bonus feature that allows users to win BIG! How big? Well, that depends on the amount of users on the forum and how big the running will be. The PokeDollar Lottery is a monthly draw for a large bonus sum of PokeDollars. Very much like the regular lottery, users can purchase raffle tickets (named appropriately as PokeTickets) at the PokeMart Shop Center and await for the last day of the week for the anticipated draw.

    How does this PokeDollars Lottery work out?

    At the moment, users can purchase up to 3 PokeTickets per week. Once you purchase your PokeTicket, you will received a PM by me assigning a drawing numbers (they're random) depending how many PokeTickets you brought. Those numbers drawn from PokeTickets will represent the user at the draw thread. If your number (from the PokeTicket) is picked during the draw, you will be awarded with a lovely amount of PokeDollars.

    For example, if I were to but 1 PokeTicket and the number printed on it is 4, I would have to wait and see if the number 4 is drawn from the draw to see if I won the raffle. (Note that only the numbers bought by users from the PokeTickets will only be taken into account for the draw).

    If nobody has the exact lucky number drawing, then one who is the closest lucky number will be the winner. For example, if we have 1st member with 7, then 2nd member has a 8, and 3rd member has a 9. The lucky number drawing is a 12, then 3rd member that has a 9 is the winner with closest lucky exact lucky number.

    In certain cases, if we have a tie as one member has a 6 and 2nd member has a 8. Then, I will randomize using the site (1-2) and determine the jackpot winner.

    If we have two or more users have the same number from the lucky number drawing. These users will win the lottery as they get Jackpot money without splitting/dividing the money up. : )

    UPDATE: If only one user got the lucky number ticket, the person will double their money up instead of taking the original Jackpot money but 2x of Jackpot money!

    Which person is handling the PokeDollar Lottery Drawing Results?

    At the moment, only PokeZone is only one allowed to pick the lucky number for the end of the week. Myself, PZ will keep a record of the numbers each user is assigned to during each monthly draw. If we find a user lying about their number, s/he will be given a warning. If it continues, the user will be banned from entering into future PokeDollar Lottery draws.

    If you have any further questions about the PokeDollar Lottery and how it works, please ask for assistance in the Help, Suggestions, & Feedback section or send a PM to PokeZone.

    PokeDollars Lottery Jackpot for Week #7 is..... n/a

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    Posts : 885
    PokéDollars : 2147493505
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    Re: HOW IT WORKS: The PokeDollar Lottery [TEMP. CLOSED]

    Post by Admin on January 5th 2014, 9:10 pm

    This post is archive of previous TBM Lotteries!

    December 2013
    Jackpot: 7000 PokeDollars ~ Winner: Headstrong

    Week 1
    Jackpot: 3400 PokeDollars ~ Winner: Elsa/Togekissing Snivy

    Week 2
    Jackpot: 2600 PokeDollars ~ Winner: Purple

    Week 3
    Jackpot: 13000 PokeDollars ~ Winner: Headstrong

    Week 4
    Jackpot: 11100 PokeDollars ~ Winner: Cherry Coke

    Week 5
    Jackpot: 1500 PokeDollars ~ Winner: None

    Week 6
    Jackpot: 4400 PokeDollars ~ Winner: None

    Week 7:
    Jackpot: ??? PokeDollars ~ Winner: ???

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    Posts : 885
    PokéDollars : 2147493505
    Join date : 2013-07-18

    Re: HOW IT WORKS: The PokeDollar Lottery [TEMP. CLOSED]

    Post by Admin on January 12th 2014, 5:19 pm


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    Re: HOW IT WORKS: The PokeDollar Lottery [TEMP. CLOSED]

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