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    Shiny Pokemon


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    Shiny Pokemon Empty Shiny Pokemon

    Post by Elsa on December 14th 2013, 12:17 pm

    Simple question: What Shiny Pokemon have you gotten?

    I've gotten a Mienfoo in Black, Lillipup in White 2, and an Alomomola and, just today, a Fletchling.

    Shiny Pokemon 62OpE
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    Shiny Pokemon Empty Re: Shiny Pokemon

    Post by Headstrong on December 14th 2013, 12:45 pm

    My first shiny was a Meowth in Soul Silver, then a few years later I caught a shiny Geodude in Heart Gold, then a shiny Hoppip in X/Y a few weeks ago. Of course, I've gotten many more through trade rather than capture.

    Shiny Pokemon Bravely-default-review-1107073

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    Shiny Pokemon Empty Re: Shiny Pokemon

    Post by Enzap on December 21st 2013, 11:54 pm

    My very first shiny was a Scraggy I found in my first horde battle in XY. Somehow in my 10 years of playing I had never captured a shiny Pokemon until then. Since then I found a Shiny Psyduck while searching for a Shiny Hoppip. I treasure both of my shinies dearly. :3
    Cherry Coke
    Cherry Coke
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    Archer Rank

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    Shiny Pokemon Empty Re: Shiny Pokemon

    Post by Cherry Coke on December 22nd 2013, 12:02 am


    Well, my first shiny Pokemon was a Trapinch in Pokemon Emerald.. I think 3 years ago??? My second one was a red Gyarados omfg totally not able to be found all the time, and some time after that I found a shiny Tropius
    I accidentally erased all three of them.
    After those I've had shit luck with shinies. Summer of 2012 I hatched a shiny Eevee while breeding for GTS. I hacked a shiny Murkrow a couple months ago, but I don't think it counts.
    And finally, in October(?), I found a shiny Cotonee. So cute >-<

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    Shiny Pokemon Empty Re: Shiny Pokemon

    Post by Admin on December 22nd 2013, 1:08 am

    Shiny Onix was the only shiny Pokemon I ever legitmatically encountered from Pokemon Diamond.

    Shiny Pokemon 4EUKOw0
    Head Administrator
    Head Administrator

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    Shiny Pokemon Empty Re: Shiny Pokemon

    Post by Absol on December 30th 2013, 10:57 pm

    I have yet to find a shiny Pokemon on a console game! Makes me very sad, haha. I've played every generation multiple times (besides X or Y) so I guess I am just fairly unlucky! I would love a shiny Eevee, Poochyena or Absol though.

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    Shiny Pokemon Empty Re: Shiny Pokemon

    Post by Purple on January 18th 2014, 3:12 pm

    First one was a Zubat back in Sapphire, but I didn't have any PokeBalls T-T
    I then found some other ones that I don't quite remember (apart from my SHINY AZELF EOBSOENDOWN)
    X/Y I've had exceptional luck, with an Espurr, Petilil, and Growlithe.

    Shiny Pokemon Koffing

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    Shiny Pokemon Empty Re: Shiny Pokemon

    Post by Sponsored content

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