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    The Battle Maison Forum Rules


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    The Battle Maison Forum Rules Empty The Battle Maison Forum Rules

    Post by Admin on July 19th 2013, 1:12 am

    The Battle Maison Forum Rules

    The Battle Maison Forums offers the Pokemon based discussions including various other general discussions. We're a small Pokemon Forum that you should be ensure to follow these rules. Breaking these rules will face consequences such as deleting post, locked threads, etc. by Battle Maison Staff (Moderators, Administrators, and Leaders). Serious consequences may result a temp. 1 day forum ban to a max of 1 month forum ban.

    Breaking the rules will give you a kick warning. After 3 kick warnings, then your 4th is a definite 15 min to max of 1 hour chatban.


    Few things first.

    -> The Battle Maison Forums is a English Speaking Forum. Whether English is your dominant language or not, it is preferred that you speak or type in a way that could be understood by rest of the users.

    -> You're allowed to swear since this is all ages forum. However please don't swear as habit of insulting/flaming/bashing another user. See Rule 2 for more information.

    -> You're expected to follow the specific section's (including sub-forums) Rules & Guidelines.

    -> Be nice to your fellow members in the community and kindly listen to the Battle Maison Staff team.

    Here are all of the forum rules as follows!


    Rule #1: No Spam

    Do not post Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages [SPAM]. Especially, a post that is irrelevant/or posts that has no relevance to the discussion of the topic (aka. Off-topic), posts with excessive messages (ex: words/punctuations/numbers/emoticons/similes/CAP LOCKS), consecutive (triple) posting, duplicated threads, etc. are considered "spam". Please don't be a spammer, it isn't right to the entire community.

    Here are some specific content that is disallowed and considered "spam" include:

    • Posts with excessive amount of (or repeating the same) characters/words/punctuation/emoticons/numbers/CAP LOCKS, etc.
    • Off-topic: Irrelevant posts that doesn't relates to the topic itself.
    • Meaningless/Pointless Topic Threads
    • Re-posting a post or thread that has recently been closed or deleted, or asking why a post or thread was closed or deleted. These questions should be directed to the The Battle Maison Forum Staff via Private Message (PM's).
    • Consecutive Posting (Double/Triple Posting): If you wish to add/modify content you have already posted, use the "edit" function. Double posting is fine as long you have reason.
    • Duplicated Threads: Posting a thread that is duplicate to a recent thread. Before posting a new thread, use the Search Function to see if your thread already exists.
    • Other ways based on your post is either obnoxious or stupid that might be considered as a "spam".

    Rule #2. No Flaming/Harassment/Bashing

    Please be nice to your fellow members to the community. Flaming (insulting, heated arguing with) other members is not allowed. Any hatred/hurtful, insulting, offending, racist, discrimination, harassment, etc. comments based on race, religion, sexual orientation (sexism), culture, ethnicity, handicap, nationality, social status, or gender will not be tolerated. Physical threats against and repeated harassment of other members is strictly prohibited. If another user is flaming or harassing you, you should not retaliate instead, report it to the The Battle Maison Forum Staff via Private Message/PM.

    Rule #3: No Trolling

    Trolling is the use of offensive comments in order to draw attention or start an argument that intentionally instigating trouble or provoking other members through outrageous statements. These are generally considered more offensive and aggressive than flaming, and may also apply to larger groups of people (i.e. racism).

    Rule #4: No Pornography/Sexual Explicit/or Nudity Materials

    Do not post a material/content (aka. images, pictures, or videos) in your avatars, signatures, and posts/threads that contains pornography, and other sexually explicit material. Nudity of all forms is also strictly prohibited.

    Rule #5: Illegal Material is strictly prohibited

    Posts that violate or incite others to violate the law are not allowed. This includes (but is not limited to) requesting, providing, or instructing how to find, create, or use illegal copies of copyrighted software, and related applications (this also goes for MP3, ISOs, ROMs, and Emulators). You're free to discuss ROM Hacks but don't ask us to find those illegal copies.

    Rule #6: Spoiling

    Try not to spoil any information regarding to a upcoming game and storyline/episode/characters related to the Anime/Manga series, movies, T.V. shows, etc.


    If you must explain something to someone that may spoil or ruin something that another user may not have known, then mark your post at the beginning with a spoiler warning, use the spoiler tags, or PM to the person that you're gonna talking to. For those who want something to be a surprise and someone says there may be spoilers, DON'T READ IT.

    Rule #7: The Battle Maison Staff

    The Battle Maison Staff ensure the forum is to keep clean from those rule-breakers, and making sure this forum is user-friendly for everybody. The Battle Maison Staff are not strict but sometimes laid back. However, we are here to see if everyone is following the forum rules and we will deal the rule breakers if needed.

    As a reminder that arguing against the Battle Maison Staff is not allowed. If you have something against a certain the Battle Maison member, please resolve matters do privately via PM or say it somewhere else, but NOT HERE or the chatbox.

    Rule #8: No Double Accounts/Impersonator Accounts

    In the Battle Maison Forums, you're only allowed to use 1 account only! If your password is forgotten or any other problems that you decided to make another account. Please notify a The Battle Maison Forum Staff by a PM to know that you're having this password issue. Sometimes, the Battle Maison Forum Staff would ban you without warning. Another Alternative? Use the "I lost my password" option.
    Click here to be redirected to "I lost my password form".

    Otherwise.... Please, do not create a new account to bypassing your ban or other punishment (breaking the forum rules, name change, impersonating as a new/other user, etc.); these punishments will simply be a temporarily ban or a ban extension for additional 1 day through max of additional 1 month. If you want to request a name change, please see this thread.


    Thank you so much for your own time to read the forum rules! Please ensure the other forum members to follow them and lastly have fun!~
    - PokeZone

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    Posts : 885
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    The Battle Maison Forum Rules Empty An annoucement about Consecutive Posting SPAM Rule

    Post by Admin on December 15th 2013, 3:17 am

    Pretty sure I might question your thread. Like why are your consecutive (triple and so on) posting in your thread?

    In certain cases, if they're consecutive posting just for a group project by a certain game or artwork.
    I'm fine on that. So I'm allowing you to post consecutively, however please don't over abuse it.

    Like for example, you posting 20 consecutive times in a thread in span of less than 3 days is not acceptable and it will considered to be a SPAM. Consequences will be deletion of all your consecutive posting and we will edit all of your posts and past towards to your 1st post.

    Likewise, double posting is fine as long there is reason (updates, reminders, etc.).
    The Spam Thread, Spam Center, Blogs Section, Fan-Fictions & Roleplays, and Artwork & Design are excluded from the consecutive posting rule.

    Hopefully this thread clears up about consecutive posting.

    The Battle Maison Forum Rules 4EUKOw0

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